Management Team

Management Team

Leandro J. Quintero

Founder and CEO

Leandro Quintero started the Quibsol Corp adventure in January 2016. Since then the idea of this conscious business incubator has been evolving.
It all started with the name Quibsol Web and Design, from January 2015 to December 2016.
But Quintero kept looking for models to expand the company. Then came the participation of Quibsol as a wholesaler of cell phones accessories and telephones:
After 2019, we started exporting to American Made industrial supplier and started increasing technology distributors to operate the entire consumer electronics industry. Thus arises the Americas Factories division!
Under the umbrella of Quibsol Corp Quintero continues the creation and co-creation of businesses in different fields.
If we had to use an adjective to characterize this business developer it would be: "proactive".


Jorge Félix Rodríguez

Art Director  

Rodríguez is the most all-in-one creative we have met at Quibsol. Graphic designer, visual artist and printer. Rodríguez does not know of canons without formats. Just tell him: "believe."
And there, from Charleroi, Belgium begins its unstoppable industry of novelties.
His works go beyond Quibsol. Perhaps you have faced some of these exhibited in exhibitions and biennials such as the Lublin International Poster Biennial (Poland), the "Francisco Mantecón" Poster Biennial (Vigo, Spain), Ingmar Bergman's 100 Years (Havana, Cuba) and it keeps counting.
We welcomed Quibsol in 2016 with open arms.
If we had to use an adjective to characterize this business artist it would be: “memorable”.