Quibsol Corp


Business Development Company

Design, Production, Distribution and Marketing of Products of Impact.

At Quibsol Corp we execute and supervise the complete cycle of our products: from design to direct sales.
The active nature of our business plan allows us to promote the integrated knowledge of each proposal and validate it through the testing of the user experience.
There is no risk that the initial product idea is left in the middle of the process! We are part of conscious creation!

New Concept , A New World.

At Quibsol Corp we reject concepts that are born in the old systems and try to readapt:
We look for native patterns in the new logic and the new order of the new markets. We seek different standards and escape the monotonous culture of producing goods.
We trust in the power of mindset transformation. In technology and innovation applied to the creation of goods and services.
And the example starts from home.

  • Americas Factories

    Our goal is to fully reopen the manufacturing process with differentiated technology solutions and the introduction of AI in industries.
    Our goal: to produce new products from scratch that allow for immediate changes and updates.
    Our expectations: meet the demands of the entire region.

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  • Imago Wholesale

    Technologies are implied in our daily live
    Food, clothing, consumer electronics, home, transportation ... We can be where we are needed.
    Quibsol Corp. we assures a warehouse with an automatic packaging system and internal logistics. We will process orders in record time.
    From cell phone stores in flea markets to shopping centers, convinience store, and plazas, we provide technologies and human resources for orders fullfilment and a command center.

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  • Camel Design

    While the large toy industries close their physical spaces, Quibsol Corp facilitates them. We allow children to choose their best friends while enjoying fun times.
    Real action. Shared space with family. A universe of endless toys and adventures. A team that guides the game thanks to the Quibsol culture.

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Online and Offline

We look for memorable experiences, the surprise factor, the you to you between us and the clients. The satisfaction of interests. The positive culture of the company.
Retail needs a Digital Drive Through but also a deadly brick store.
We watch over human connections beyond the reality of the metaverse! It is the essence!

  • Apparel

    The wardrobe we choose identifies us, it shows a very authentic version of ourselves. So ... enough products that use customers as billboards!
    We bet on solutions that characterize customers and then customers!
    Shoes and Up helps to build identities through textile proposals that do not absorb but complement personalities.

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  • Confections

    Taste a masterpiece with various confections and you will realize that our brand not only proposes a world of sweet shapes and colors but a nod to art.
    The essence of the game, the experimentation, the " you choose " of sweets, the physical and virtual options to connect, the attraction of the smell of evil: everything responds to the strategy of being memorable.

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  • Toys and Collectibles

    Bringing to live a magical collection to find your Best Friend while having the funniest moment of your life. Real action and memorable moments with the family while you are exploring a universe of toys and adventure. The entertainment never end.

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Customers Win by Buying the Products.

Evolving companies.

Tired of non-functional products cluttering the house? Are you already bothered by brands that opt ​​for motley and unreal concepts?

Do you enjoy the authentic, like Quibsol Corp?